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Travel Vaccines


Many of us take unnecessary risks when we travel. Statistics reveal that only 4/10 travellers leaving the UK seek professional advice before departing the country. That means millions of people making themselves vulnerable in foreign countries every year. 

Travellers should ideally arrange an appointment with their us at least six weeks before travel. However, even if time is short, an appointment is still worthwhile. This appointment provides an opportunity to assess health risks taking into account a number of factors including destination, medical history, and planned activities. For those with pre-existing health problems, an earlier appointment is recommended.

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What We


Chickenpox is often passed on among children, sometimes at so called 'chickenpox' parties and while it is unpleasant, most people recover well and it is usually much less severe in children than in adults. There is, however, an alternative way of protecting people, namely by the chickenpox vaccine.
Currently, vaccination against chickenpox is not routinely available to patients on the NHS.

Travel Vaccinations

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Japanese encephalitis
Meningitis ACWY
Meningitis B
Tick-borne encephalitis
Yellow fever
Dengue fever



Although the shingles vaccination is available to patients on the NHS when they turn 70 many people want to get the jab before then.
Pharmadoctor partners with thousands of pharmacists across the UK to make shingles vaccinations convenient and accessible.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria is a serious parasite infection that is transmitted by the bite of female mosquitoes. The parasites are microscopic and found in the blood of infected people. There are different types of malaria parasite and although the infection they cause is similar. 'Falciparum' malaria is the one that causes the most severe infection. Malaria can be deadly if untreated.
You should begin taking antimalarial tablets before arriving in a malaria-risk. Some tablets need to start a few days before you travel, whilst others may need to be started a week or more before travel. This means there will be enough antimalarial medication in your system to start preventing infection as soon you arrive in the country.

Great Pharmacy! Lovely, helpful staff in there always trying their best to get everyone's prescriptions done as quickly as the system allows it. Even when there has been a mix up with the Dr's very understanding and helpful.

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